Nadiya is a senior teacher at The Integral Yoga Institute in New York City.

Her Thursday Qigong class at The Institute is at 5:15pm till 6:45pm.  This is a drop in class and beginners are welcome.  Qigong is often referred to as the “Grandparent of Tai Chi.” It brings us into harmony with the underlying energy flow that exists in all creation: our bodies, the other living beings and plants, the rivers, waters, oceans, and clouds - while also connecting us to the Sun, the stars and Universe.  The word ‘universe’ means ‘one song.’ Qigong brings us in communion with this song of life and all Creation.

At Integral Yoga Wellness Spa Nadiya offers sessions in Shamanic Healing and Individual Qigong Healing sessions.

She teaches an advanced Hatha Yoga class twice monthly and hosts regular specialized workshops year round.  Please see for full details of her courses or to book a healing session at the Wellness Spa call 212-929-0586 and ask for the Wellness Spa manager on duty. 

Om Mani Padme Hum