Nadiya was first introduced to Qigong’s subtle powers by Dr. Doreen O’Sullivan in 1999, while they were traveling together to sacred shrines in India. Subsequently Nadiya has been certified to teach Qigong by Dr. Liu Dong of Seattle and his sister Dr. Liu He (the grandchildren of the physician of the Last Emperor of China)

She is also a certified Qigong Healer by Master Robert Peng ( and has been given permission to teach “Buddha Palms” by Gilles Marin

Any being who is called to Qigong is “hearing a call of their own true nature” (NN)

Qigong has been called the “grandparent of Tai Chi.” It is the very essence all of nature’s root teachings: of breath and air, of fire and heart, of water and blood, of rock and bone, of the heavens and the vastness within, and of earth and our home within.

These tenets are also at the heart of Celtic Shamanism, the way our ancestors read the signs of nature’s wisdom.

Since early childhood Nadiya has had a deep relationship with nature, her earliest encounters of the sea and mountains on Dublin’s Killiney Bay in the historic town of Dalkey infused her with something of the ocean’s power of return. Her paternal grandmother’s garden was a seven-tiered landscaping wonder, filled with daffodils, roses, a gigantic pine tree, a pond with an elephant fountain surrounded by lilies, frogs, tadpoles, butterflies and dragonflies. The sea a glistening sheet of blue and white caps crowned by magnificent clouds and call of the seagull.

Nadiya helps her students to find their own deeply historic, ancestral roots of nature’s teaching. We each have these gifts; uncovering them through the practice of Qigong will bring new a deep sense of peace which is profoundly enduring.

You may also benefit from a private healing session with Nadiya. Nadiya has extensive training and a fine tuned ability to detect blockages in the body. She is also a master of Soul retrieval work and healing deep rooted trauma through the power of Qigong.

She teaches Qigong classes every Thursday at 5.15pm in New York City at The Integral Yoga Institute as well as in her studios in Pawling and Amenia NY 90 mins from NYC.