*All healing sessions include a customized water prayer.

Soul Retrieval 

In Shamanic terms a part of the soul may “choose” to leave our energy field in times of danger or trauma, either physical or emotional danger. In Ireland we have a saying “keeping body and soul together” referring to just such situations.  An abusive relationship, drug addiction, veterans PTSD, child abuse, even a divorce or a traumatic move may cause ‘Soul Loss’. If you sense that you have not been quite ‘whole’ since such an event in your life Soul Retrieval may bring you a great sense of newness at the level of Spirit.

Shamanic Extraction

This practice has been successfully used for centuries by Shamans to remove “intrusions” in body. There might a physical explanation, such a having an organ implant or surgical implant, or an emotional wound from birth or anytime in early life. One may pick up negative vibrations from people, a home, an institution or any  place where you felt unsafe.  Shamanic Extraction is a hands-off technique, where the shaman ‘feels’ for the energy of the intrusions and extracts them painlessly while the client lies down.  The session is followed by a drink of blessed water to help bring back the lost ‘sweetness’ to your being. 

Power Animal Retrieval

According to Native American lore and other ancient traditions, including Celtic, we are all born with among others, a Helping Animal Spirit/s.  You may already feel that a particular Animal has been helping you and you may have felt this since childhood.  In this session as you lay down, a beautiful heartbeat drum will take you on a Journey to find your Power Animal.  If you wish the Shaman will Journey for you to find your Power Animal.  This Animal Spirit will then be among your Spirit Helpers for the rest of your life.

Shamanic Womb Healing

This unique healing ritual was created to address loss and trauma of the Female Pelvis, Womb and Uterus. The need to heal the Inner Ground of our bodies is something often left to chance.  Without guidelines these emotional wounds usually go unhealed for years, or perhaps decades.

Through her deep exploration and self-healing Nadiya has created an interactive ceremonial ritual for both private and group healing work for women. Though each ritual is unique to the setting, circumstances and individual needs, the format begins with a Shamanic Journey led by Nadiya while she drums the sacred heartbeat sounds of Earth.

Special breath work and sound vibrations help bring forth suppressed Qi or energy in the locked areas of the body, thus facilitating the release and openings which have been profound in many cases.

While the work can be emotionally intense,  one may also experience joy and even laughter may burst forth once the depth of the ritual has been reached. 

Thank you again, Nadiya, for a rich and inspiring journey today. I truly enjoy learning from you and exploring the joys and complexities of life through the tradition of the shaman journey. I appreciate most how it reconnects me to Nature and the living Earth that gives us a home. You’ve opened up some wonderful avenues of contemplation and observance for me. Surely your very presence and demeanor are a gift which make the journey authentic, accessible and relevant. I thank you!
— Julie Shaw, New York
It’s a passage of trust and I wholly respect the privacy and boundaries of my clients.This is sacred work, which I am profoundly honored to practice with love & joy; and your safety and well being are my highest priority.
— Nadiya Nottingham