The story of our bones

Our bones are our inheritance from our ancestors.  It is written in our DNA that this inheritance craves not only survival but adaptability and flexibility.  This is  the legacy of our ancestors. A life of connection to nature, good food, stress reduction and the best ’self-care’ possible are the tools that Nadiya will help to apply to your personal medicine bag.  

What is the difference between osteoporosis and bone loss? 

There is a distinct difference between bone loss and clinical osteoporosis. A diagnosis of bone loss in itself does not mean you have a disease.  Our bones have a brilliant intelligence of their own.  They build and grow just as muscle does with the right attention and nourishment.  And in both cases we can do much to re-build bone loss.

When we build muscle, we build bone, at any age.  The key distinction in a practice designed for someone with bone loss is to practice safely. There are important lifestyle enhancing techniques for bone health which can be tailored to each clients needs.

About Nadiya

Nadiya is a nationally recognized yoga teacher who reversed her own bone and muscle loss through a proven program which she will teach you for your return to strength, well being and a beautiful posture. Nadiya will joyously coach you back to a sense of true well rounded well being. You may study with her in person in New York or the Harlem Valley or anywhere in world through Skype.


Nadiya Nottingham was one of our original Breathing Project teachers, and we were thrilled to be able to offer her classes and workshops on Yoga for Bones.Her sound, grounded approach to practice has helped numerous students find healthy bone and skeletal support, increase their bone strength naturally, and move with grace and ease. I recommend her work very highly.
— Leslie Kaminoff, Founder and Director, Breathing Project